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"This enchanting portal fantasy will have readers hooked." — Publishers Weekly

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"Papathanasiou's debut is a captivating portal-fantasy for readers ready for older protagonists and more complicated choices." — Booklist Starred Review

"Papathanasiou debuts and launches the Selene Trilogy with a fierce, appealing story of determination, magical spells, and the bonds of friendship. [Her] talent for writing resolute characters makes her diverse cast sing, and she infuses Cassia’s adventure with emotion. This enchanting portal fantasy will have readers hooked." — Publishers Weekly

"The Last Feather is packed with action and overflowing with characters that feel so undeniably real and honest. While reading, I found myself drawn in by the immense charm that accompanied every aspect of this story. The character relationships feel genuine, the maturity feels earned, and the world-building feels light but encompassing all at once. This is a delightful read for anyone who is looking to explore a whole new world but not jump into the depths of purposefully dense worldbuilding that sometimes feels like it comprises too much of the fantasy genre." — Bookish Brews

"The Last Feather is the first in a trilogy and this first volume hits that sweet spot of being skillfully finished and wrapping up in a satisfying way, while still leaving space for the wider story to be expanded within the world. ." — British Fantasy Society

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